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Think about this! What is the single most critical system in your body? What keeps your heart beating, your lungs drawing in life-giving oxygen, your cells reproducing, that scratch on your leg healing? Obvious answer, your miraculous brain and the intricately designed nervous system which connects it with every fiber of your being.

We are hard wired by our Creator with an innate intelligence which takes care of everything from reproduction and life support, to healing wounds and creative visioning. The primary conduit for this innate intelligence flowing through your body is the spinal column. Put a crink in your garden hose, and it is hard to get the water flowing!

Spinal adjustments relieve both subluxations (vertebrae out of alignment) and fixations (vertebrae ’jammed’ together). Chiropractic care not only reduces back pain and restores spinal function, it reduces nerve root pressure so the nervous system can deliver the innate healing power which is ours by the very design of our bodies.

Not only in your spine but every bone in your body is connected to another via a ‘joint’. From the tips of your toes all the way up to your nasal sinuses, our bodies are all comprised of ‘moveable’ articulations or joints. When these give you trouble, most often we can treat them very successfully with chiropractic care.

Want to function at your peak performance level? Want to have the most energy and most powerful healing potential available to your body? Regular chiropractic check visits will keep your nervous system functioning at its best. Many subluxations and fixations do not produce pain, but they can hinder your peak performance. Open the floodgates so the nervous system can deliver the innate intelligence which is your human birthright! Get regular chiropractic care!

How does chiropractic care promote healing?

Our Services


  1. traditional manual spinal adjustment

  2. mechanical spinal adjustment with arthro-stim a

  3. spinal activator mechanical adjusting

  4. *** Adjustments will help to reduce the nerve root pressure and to reestablish normal spinal and joint function


  1. electrical muscle stimulation including interferential current, -pre-modulated current, high voltage current and russian stim current

  2. ultrasound

  3. G-5 massage

  4. deep tissue muscle massage

  5. acupressure

  6. ***  Physiotherapies help to reduce the pain, speed tissue healing, and restore normal spinal and joint motion.


  1. delivers cold laser at 10 watts, giving the patient 20-100 times the benefit of most other laser therapies.

  2. penetrates 4.5 inches beneath the skin facilitating healing at the cellular level.

  3. testimonial and proven success with the spine, knees, shoulders, ankles, wrists, feet, hands and many other problem areas and diseases.

  4. for more info go to:

  5. www.laser info.com

Our Staff


Dr. James L. Thompson

Doctor of Chiropractic

Thompson Chiropractic Center

6737 B Cody Street

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805